Ocean Waves Quilt Guild now has their own web site which can be found at

At the end/beginning of each year I try to “clean up” my web site. Today while looking for broken links I happened upon some old web pages from the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild of which I was a founding member. I started to just delete them, but took a minute to look at each one.

At the time these pages were published they were on GeoCities which had very little room for anything. For that reason the photos are very tiny, and sadly hard to view. Also, the web master was a novice and really had no clue what she was doing….

On these pages are members of the guild who have passed on to the big quilting frame in Heaven, many who have moved from the area, and some like me who are no longer members. And there are many who are still active in the guild too.

I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I did!

January 2001
February 2001
March 2001
April - May 2001
July - August 2001
September 2001
October 2001
December 2001
January - February 2002

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Updated December 31, 2013