B & B

September 8, 2005, getting acquainted while enjoying dinner.....

Barb, Mary Lou and Connie

Pam and Marianne

Kim and Jay

Ann and Georgeine

Shirley and Jess

JoMarie and Meloney

Vicki and Bob

Someone suggested a group photo, but those dang poles got in the way.
We returned to the Inn for the Landscape class, in our PJs

Carol recieves Frank's quilt

Marge helping Connie and Barb

MaryLou working away while Pat and Jay get better acquainted

a few landscapes in progress

Busy ladies, although I'm not sure what they were busy doing

Debbie and Renee at work

Vicki and Cathy

Kims....err.... slippers?

More Fun

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Updated September 11, 2005