What came first, the retreat or Relay? The retreat came first, starting out as a way for a group of internet friends to get together in person. And at that very first retreat some of the ladies attended a high school spaghetti dinner to help the band and choir raise money to go to London. As a result of that trip to London the band and choir decided to thank the community for their support by joining the very first local Relay For Life. And that started my Relay For Life adventure.

          Over the last 23 years I have participated in 27 Relay For Life events. All of my pattern money (minus PayPal fees) goes to the American Cancer Society as well as the profit from any quilts that I sell. Also, any FUNdraisers that I have at my retreats go straight to my Relay account. (2019's spring retreats FUNdraisers raised over $1000 towards Relay For Life.) I am not a business, I am a Relayer!

          What started out as a get together for some internet friends has lasted over 23 years and the friendships have multiplied a hundredfold. Friends just can't miss their yearly reunion and quilting adventures, not to mention the laughter, shopping and all the fun. We'll be hosting our 66th and 67th retreats next spring.

Our retreat home away from home for the past ten year has been the Amish View Inn and Suites
And we will be there again next year, and the year after that, and the one after that too, God willing!
3125 Old Philadelphia Pike (Rt 340) mid-way between Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse.
Here are directions to the Amish View Inn

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2020 Spring Retreat, Sunday April 19 through check out Saturday April 25, 2020
There are spaces for more quilters at this retreat, join us next spring!
6 nights - Sunday through check out Saturday     Private $ 1,174   Doubles $ 587
5 nights - Monday through check out Saturday     Private $ 1,028   Doubles $ 514
4 nights - Tuesday through check out Saturday     Private $ 862   Doubles $ 431

2020 Angels Retreat, Sunday April 26 through checkout Friday May 1, 2020
There are only TWO spaces left in the conference room at this retreat, sign up quick.
5 nights - Sunday through check out Friday     Private $ 978   Doubles $ 489
4 nights - Monday through check out Friday     Private $ 822   Doubles $ 411

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This is how a “typical” retreat schedule goes. However, most retreats are pretty flexible and schedules do change sometimes to accommodate circumstances. For instance, if someone is leaving a day early we'll move show and tell ahead an evening.

If you are checking in Sunday for the Spring retreat, the retreat will not start until after 3:00 PM. The Angels retreat will start anytime after 1:00 PM on the second Sunday. For either retreat, if you are checking in on any other day you are welcome to join us in the conference room any time after 11:00 AM. Bring your sewing supplies down and start sewing. You can ask the front desk to let you know when your room is ready before you come down.

As for our "retreat schedule"….. Do you expect me to plan out your whole week for you? Honestly? And if I do, won't you go off and do what you want anyway? After 23 years I know better than to plan anything at all in the day time. However, I will be planning some fun activities for the evenings, so don't make any hot dates. Night time fun starts at 7:15 every night!

Our "new" evening schedules will include some fun games. Nothing physical, well not really physically hard but you might lose your breath laughing. Some games might have prizes but that's not guaranteed and unless you are a real party youknowwhat, you will enjoy the fun. Sunday night we'll have a get acquainted game for the new comers, Monday night we'll play a game that will test everyone's quilting knowledge (maybe) and Tuesday who knows. It's a whole year away as I'm writing this after all, give me a break!

One evening will be for our Pollyanna exchange, please bring a wrapped, quilt related gift worth between $10 and $15 for the gift exchange. This is a evening of many surprises and laughter that cracks ribs.

And the final evening of each retreat is our show and tell. You can show us what you did while at the retreat, or maybe show the project you started last year and finished since you left. (Or if you have a special project you worked on over the last year you can show it to us too.) And since we're leaving on a shopping morning, if you found a bargain, share where you got it so everyone can shop on the way home the next day.

(Speaking of shopping, check out this shops list - Quilts, Crafts, & Fabric brought to us by the Real Lancaster County web site.

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aka The Rules

Our retreats are all about having fun, but we still have to have some rules.

If you need to use fusibles you MUST use your own iron and pressing mat. No exceptions!

Please mark your sewing tools. Don't think that no one has one like yours; mark your tools so you don't lose them. (I get to keep all unmarked tools.)

Please be considerate of those of us with allergies and do not use perfume.

Each person will get one table space period. I request that you do not pile things on the floor making it difficult for other people to move around your space. You may store stuff under your table, but not in the aisle please.
Please make sure it is easy to move in and out of the isles, we don't want anymore broken bones. (And if I have to eliminate larger tables which block the isles, I will, so please keep those isle clear!)

Please turn your ring tones down so only you can hear them, and that includes texting sounds.
Please take all phone calls out of the conference room.
There is to be no music in the conference room, let's enjoy peaceful conversations without having to shout over someone's music.
And please, absolutely no political discussions in the conference room.

Please read the following carefully.

· To reserve a room for a retreat, you must send a NON-REFUNDABLE $100 DEPOSIT for the specific retreat for each person attending the retreat.
· Your NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will NOT be refunded if you cancel your reservation even if you have a good reason. See our cancellation policy below.
· Your deposit reserves your room and one space in the conference room only.
· If you are attending multiple retreats, a deposit for each retreat is required.
· When all spaces in a retreat are sold out, we will start a waiting list. When someone cancels, an email will be sent to the first person on the waiting list offering the then available space. That person will have three days to respond. After three days, the space will be offered to the next person on the waiting list and so on, until either the space is filled or the waiting list is empty.
· Payment in full for the retreat must be received no later than 90 days before the retreat starts. NO EXCEPTIONS! If payment is not received on time, the reservation will be cancelled and your NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will be forfeited.

· Delaware Quilts will NOT match roommates. If you want to share a room, you need to find your own roommate.
· If your roommate cancels, YOU MUST PAY FOR A PRIVATE ROOM or find a replacement paying roommate. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. If you find yourself in this situation, please do not be surprised when you are required to pay for a single room.


Cancellation by Delaware Quilts
· Delaware Quilts reserves the right to cancel a retreat if there is insufficient enrollment or in an emergency situation.
· If Delaware Quilts cancels a retreat, your deposit will be refunded. Note, this is the only situation in which your deposit will be refunded!
· For all non-emergencies, cancellation will be announced one month prior to the payment due date (120 days prior to the retreat).

Cancellations by Retreaters
· Cancellations must be in writing. (Email is fine, but if you do not get an acknowledgement within three days please email again and/or send snail mail.)
· If the cancellation notice is received 90 days prior to the retreat start date, your payments minus one nights fee will be refunded. Your deposit will not be refunded.
· Cancellation notices received after 90 days prior to the retreat, result in forfeiture of all sums paid.

From time to time, photos will be taken of retreaters, finished quilts, in-progress quilts and retreat activities. By participating in a Delaware Quilts Quilters Retreat, each retreater authorizes Delaware Quilts and other participants at Delaware Quilts Quilters Retreats to photograph, videotape or otherwise digitally record or collect your image and likeness and your projects associated with your participation in a Delaware Quilts Quilters Retreat and consents to use of these photos for marketing/promotional purposes.

By making your deposit you are acknowledging that you have read and agree with this policy.

Need more information email Marge.
First registered retreater who spots this after reading this page, email me for a prize! Posted at 2:06pm 6/3/19
and finally won by Amy at 5:15 PM on 8/12/19!

Updated 8/12/19

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